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St Lucia

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Paradise isle packs a punch. .

THE sweet-scented breeze, the tropical beaches

Saint Lucia's spell

DARK, wild , mysterious, and rebellious. No, not the pirate ship that has sailed eerily into view as I glide through warm

Rum, fun and lots of sun

SUNBATHING and hitting the all-inclusive seemed like the perfect plan on the laid-back Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Creole Cocktail

WELCOME to my beautiful island, says our hostess Berthia Parle in a voice like melted Cadburys Caramel.

Treasure Island

THE beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia is the ideal place to escape the cold, gloom and darkness of a British winter.

Saints ALIVE

It is easy to understand why St Lucians are so laid-back.
With the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic on either side of the island

St Lucia packs a punch

Something is stirring in my Speedos, and it isnt pleasant.

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